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Through years of experience Pat-Krüger has grown into a reliable market leader of crane safety systems.
PAT-Krüger is an international organisation with offices in The Netherlands, Dubai, England Germany and dealers across the world. PAT-Krüger sells and develops high quality and innovative solutions, installs and takes care of service and maintenance for crane safety systems (LMI systems).
The company employs a highly experienced and driven work force, service is our key performance factor. PAT-Krüger is not only active in the field of crane safety systems but also in safety systems, guiding systems and observation systems in general, mainly on places where challenging environmental situations are very important like temperature, vibration and pollution.

Thus Pat-Krüger delivers safety systems on hydraulic cranes, lattice boom cranes, harbour cranes, portal cranes, railway cranes, straddle carriers, excavators, offshore cranes, loaders, lories, telescopic cranes, drilling machines, pile drivers, loading machines, fork lifters, industrial machines and platforms. Worldwide our engineers take care of building, replacing, repairing and adjusting parts or complete safety systems.

The Pat-Krüger Load Moment Indicator (LMI) is well known for its  reliability and accuracy, allowing the maximum productivity from the machine in a safe way . A broad scale of systems like the DS120, Datalogging, Mark 4E2, Mark 4K, Mark 4E2R, Maestro, BSA, DS160 and PSV 3/1 are part of the product range. The product range has recently been extended with a new innovative platform, the Scalable Mobile Control System (SMCS). A very efficient and future aimed solution for every mobile application. The modular built flexible platform offers a customised solution and  meets the objectives of the safety standards of today and of the future.

To work safe it is necessary to have a clear view in every situation. Pat-Krüger has a broad assortment of professional camera’s for use under rough environments. We are also a dealer for Motec.

Besides complete solutions Pat-Krüger has a varied assortment of parts such as sensors (force, push, pull, length, angle, incline, telemetry, temperature, wind etc.), SCK lamps, A2B switches etc.

Pat-Krüger is known as a reliable partner, who constructive thinks along to create the best solution.  Pat-Kruger is a reliable partner who thinks constructively to create the best solution.

Our company has the ISO 9001-2000 and VCA*-certificates and all the engineers have the necessary certificates to work offshore.

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